Don’t miss ANA ALEXANDER, guest staring on “HAWAII FIVE-O” airing on CBS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 6TH @ 9/8c.

In this episode “Powehiwehi” Ana plays a character Danielle seemingly frail woman who was apparently partying at a criminal hangout, and is wounded when Five-0 moves in. Danielle seems anxious to help the police in their investigation.This fun, action packed and full of interesting twists episode that was directed by the legendary, Peter Weller the original RoboCop , who is one of Ana’s favorite action characters growing up, should keep you quite entertained. Enjoy!

Ana starring on ABC

AnaAlexander is guest staring on ABC Family Sitcome “Mystery Girls” . The Show is about Charlie Contour and Holly Hamilton were stars of a detective series in the ’90s, but their lives have taken different paths since the show ended. Charlie is a suburban housewife and mother, but Holly longs to return to her glory days as a TV star. That’s about to change when a megafan, Nick, witnesses a crime. He refuses to speak of it to anyone but his favorite TV detectives, prompting the former gal pals to reunite to solve a real mystery. The show is a case of art imitating life as “Mystery Girls” reunites “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling as the lead characters.

Theatrical Lead Role

Ana starred in a play written by Leif Gantvoort. Directed by Leif Gantvoort and Jen Woldrich Pittman. Produced by Jeremy Luke, Leif Gantvoort, & Eddie Alfano. After the city erupts in an outbreak of mass murder, a few survivors find shelter in an isolated dilapidated church.

The government claims that the spreading chaos is the result of a biological terrorist attack, but the people in the church have theories of their own. Some believe that it’s stem cell research gone mad.The really important thing…is to survive, even if that means using fighting techniques learned from horror movies and music videos.

Watch Ana in Action

Ana’s Demo Reel with latest scenes added in 2014.

Ana Alexander as Camille, in “FEMME FATALES” a scene from “Help Me Rhonda”

Ana Alexander co-stars in HBO’s TV Show “Chemistry”

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