…That I believe that tapping into the creative part of one’s self every day feeds one’s soul?

I think that all of us are seeking joy in this life. We are all constantly looking for a certain fulfillment in our lives. What we often don’t take the time to remember is that all of us were given the gift of life, through which we can express ourselves, letting our heart and soul sing and dance with joy!

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and feeling BLISS. One of the ways I get to experience joy and happiness is when I get to feel the freedom of the creative spirit inside of me while sharing creativity with others. This is part of why I have chosen to do what I do for a living. I chose ACTING. It gives me the opportunity and space to exercise and express my creativity, while working with others who share the same interest. Being creative through acting is my bliss, my happy place, my way to connect with the world.

If you have the need or longing for your soul to “dance” , I suggest you let it!

Express yourself creatively and feel the bliss! Try dancing, painting, singing, sports, writing – anything that fills your heart with love and keeps that gorgeous smile on your face!