“Yes, Ana Alexander is a GEEK…”

– Robert Meyers Barnett, a dear friend and director I have worked with, told his friend this when he saw me at Comic Con this year.

Ever since I could read, I have been a great lover of Comics, and later on, of graphic novels. I dreamed about being one of the warriors in ” Price Valiant” and of being “Modesty Blaise”. “Wonder Woman” was the name I would always use for any video game I would play. So, moving to the states and being able to go to Comic Con and all of the Cons is a dream come true.

Not so long ago, I created with my brother, Nebojsa Stojanovic, an idea for a new female action hero named Porcelain. At first, we played with the idea of Porcelain being a film, so we made a short film with this character. However, I soon realized Porcelain needs to shine in comics first. This realization has made me super happy, as this means I have to take this on and create my own comic and give Porcelain a graphic life.

I am so excited to learn how to write and create comics, and get into the wonderful world of drawn characters, seeing them get a life later on as TV shows, movies, and video games.

There is something so wonderful about creating heroes. Even in comic book form, my wish is to always give creative projects and characters my heart and beliefs, and to use my creativity to ask questions of myself and the world in hopes of inspiring all of us toward being better humans. And what better way to do it than through entertainment?

So, keep your eyes peeled. And if you are even just the tiniest bit of a geek, you will enjoy Porcelain and her adventures.