ana-alexander-photo-foundationI have lived a very diverse life, with many ups and downs in my journey. I come from a country that experienced times of peace and times of war. To this day, the conditions in my country are very volatile, and it is not pleasant to live there at times.

But one thing keeps me positive about my country and the possibility for peace and prosperity in the future, and that one thing is the children in my country. If given a chance to have decent living conditions and education, there is the possibility that these children will grow up to help promote a country without war. These children are the hope for a better future.

Where I come from, there are areas where children live who need help with serious medical issues, as well as basic living necessities. Some of these children are orphans, and some live with parents who have no means to provide them with the basic necessities of life, which includes education. With basic necessities and education, these children have the chance to help promote and keep peace, as well as aid others in their areas.

For these reasons, I support BOSANA, a charity whose event I recently attended (see picture). Bosana is trying to help keep and promote peace by providing funds to orphanages in Bosnia. These orphans are mostly of mixed backgrounds, which are all the backgrounds of my old country, Yugoslavia. By supporting children of all backgrounds, Bosana is hoping to encourage peace for all people of all heritages, so that not only will these children hopefully survive, but perhaps, they will prevent history from repeating itself in our homeland.

If I can help someone, I always will. And, if I can inspire you to help anyone that you feel needs your help, then my life is full.

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Thank you!!