What happens when media reporter is short on contacts, doesn’t work hard and is short on work ethics? That reporter will copy interview from other media outlet, add untruth to make it bombastic and then irresponsibly publish it in hope his boss will think he did some work and his readers that he actually knows his source and has access to interesting information. Example is article written on me that I have turned producer and that I am bringing certain people to Serbia?!?

In this particular situation – I have never said what this reporter claims I did nor I have had any communication with this lady reporter. It is unfortunate that in today’s age of Internet, reporters are so lazy that they can’t at least try and send me e-mail via my website and get their own story. It is easier and faster, to copy bits and peaces from other newspapers and come up with something untrue. I have never said what is said in this article nor I plan to bring those particular actors to Serbia. I have only spoken of my recent involvement and interest in producing project and helping bringing project to my home country. The only time I did indeed talk of the actors that the blow article specifies, was a list of actors i admire and would love to have a chance to bring them on a project to Serbia.

The example of lack of ethics in media can be seen in this article: